1. TurbSim

TurbSim is an open-source NREL program for generating full-field turbulent wind files (Neil Kelly and Bonnie Jonkman). TurbSim uses a statistical model to simulate time series. Several spectral models are available, and the program can be used to generate turbulent wind files following the IEC 61400-x (x=1,2,3) standards. While other more sophisticated wind models (e.g. coherent turbulence) are also available, the key strength of the program is the ease of generating wind files which directly comply with the IEC standards, including normal turbulence, extreme turbulence and extreme wind speed models.

Through SIMA a set of selected input options for a TurbSim simulation are made available. The generated binary, full-field time series format is compatible with GH bladed. These files have a .wnd extension.

TurbSim may be downloaded from the web site: https://nwtc.nrel.gov/TurbSim